Tips to make your Dream Modular Kitchen as per Vastu

There is no doubt that the kitchen plays a crucial role in every property. It is associated with the well-being of the family which includes children and elders. In fact, it is one of the most important rooms in any house. But in order to make sure that your entire family is protected from negative energy or mishaps, you need to maintain certain Vaastu dos and don’ts.

1. Place the Kitchen in the Southeast Corner

Ideally, your kitchen should be located in the southeast corner of the house. If it’s not possible for you to build a new kitchen and you need to remodel your existing one, then try to keep it in the southeast corner as much as possible.
Before you start renovating or building a dream kitchen, find out where exactly your south-eastern corner is by using an L-square (or any other similar tool). If there isn’t enough space for both a refrigerator and a gas stove within this area, then place them on either side of each other instead of placing them next to each other. This will prevent their energies from canceling each other out or creating another negative energy source within that specific spot of the house which may cause problems later on down the line.

2. The Area Should Not be Leaky

One of the things to look out for in your dream kitchen is that it’s not leaky. A leaky kitchen can have a negative effect on your wealth and health, so you’ll want to avoid this if at all possible. If there are any plumbing issues that need fixing, get them fixed before you begin decorating your new room!
If there are leaks in your kitchen, don’t use them until they’re repaired—the water may cause damage that could affect the entire structure of the house and bring bad luck to everyone who inhabits it. If this isn’t possible, then at least keep paper towels or rags handy so that you can clean up whenever there’s a spillage (and be prepared for lots of spills).

3. Avoid Constructing Parallel or Opposite Kitchens

When constructing a new home, avoid constructing two kitchens that are parallel or opposite to each other. This placement will cause disharmony and financial problems for you.
The opposite placement of these kitchens also causes financial problems in your life as well as health issues.

4. Attach a Window in the Kitchen

If you have a window in your kitchen, make sure it’s in the east or north direction. This will bring positive energy into your home and help maintain the overall health of your family members. If you don’t have space for a large window, consider adding one that faces east or north even if it’s small.
If possible, position the sink so that when someone uses it they stand with their back toward a wall rather than facing out into the room.

5. A Sink Should be Constructed in the Northeast Corner

A sink should be constructed in the northeast corner of the kitchen. In this way, the water will flow into it easily and it will help to keep your kitchen clean. The sink should also be slightly tilted towards its northeast corner, as this will make it easy for you to clean dirty dishes.
The area where you place your sink should not be in the southwest corner because that is considered to be a negative direction according to Vaastu Shastra and hence placing a sink there can give rise to various problems related to health, happiness, etc., whereas if you put your sink in the northeast corner, then all such problems can be avoided easily.
If possible, use stainless steel or some other material like marble or granite for making your kitchen countertops because these materials are known for their durability as well as aesthetic value; however, if cost constraints arise then go ahead with ceramic tiles without any hesitation as these too provide excellent durability along with an attractive look for any type of bathroom designs!

6. Have Small Windows with Mesh

The windows should be small, so that food does not get contaminated. Windows should have mesh screens to prevent flies and mosquitoes from entering the kitchen.
It is advisable to avoid placing the window in the southeast direction as this direction is used by feng shui experts to represent home/family happiness and wealth. Also, it is highly recommended not to place the window in the northeast direction as this direction represents ancestral wealth.

7. Do not Face Directly Towards the South While Cooking

With the stove in the northwest corner, you should sit facing the north or east when cooking. The south is a direction of fire and so should be avoided while cooking.
The kitchen should not be located facing west or south-east as this may lead to accidents. The kitchen will have maximum peace if it is built in between these two directions (i.e., facing east/northeast).

8. A Door Somewhere In Between Northwest and West Side

If you have a staircase in the South-West corner of your kitchen, it is important to make sure that the door does not open up directly into that area. The same goes for any other door which may lead to this part of your home, like an exit from an attached garage or patio or even another entrance/exit from another building such as a home office/studio.
If you have doors leading from other areas of your home into your kitchen, be sure they don’t open directly opposite where people will be sitting at their kitchen table or working on the countertops. If this is unavoidable, try to limit these openings during meal times so as not to disturb family members and guests who are enjoying their food and conversation!

9. Ensure That Your Kitchen Has Good Lighting

As a cook, you will want to ensure that your kitchen has good lighting. The best kind of lighting for cooking is natural light. Try to have as much natural sunlight in your kitchen area as possible. If you don’t have enough natural light, then use artificial lights like LED or fluorescent lights that are energy-efficient and don’t create too much heat. Make sure there are no shadows around when working in the kitchen and avoid sitting under fluorescent ceiling lights if possible as these can cause headaches when working with food all day long.

10. Choose Bright Colors For Your Kitchen Walls

The walls of your kitchen should be bright and cheerful. The best colors for the kitchen walls are red, yellow, and orange; these colors add vibrancy to your space. Avoid blue, green, and purple as they tend to bring about negative energy in a kitchen. Black, gray, white and brown are also not recommended for kitchens because they create dullness in that area.
We hope this guide has helped you in designing the kitchen of your dreams. We’d love to hear what tips and tricks you have picked up along the way!

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