Cool Wardrobe Designs for your Bedroom

If you think that wardrobe designs are an outdated trend and don’t really matter, then it’s time to get into the real deal! The right design can make or break the looks of your bedroom. 

A wardrobe design for your bedroom is a great way to add style and organization to your space. A wardrobe has many uses and can be used as a dressing room or closet. It is a piece of furniture that has many doors, drawers, and shelves that are designed to store clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

Wardrobe designs come in many different styles and sizes. They can be made of wood, metal, or even plastic materials. The most popular wardrobe design is the armoire which has doors on three sides with shelves inside. There are also wardrobe designs with only one door that opens outward instead of two doors opening inward.

In fact, all your living room décor will revolve around a wardrobe design that you choose for your small space. So, don’t go for a random furniture piece, but instead, look for something that is not only stylish but also functional. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right wardrobe designs for your rooms:

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are great for making your bedroom look bigger and adding a touch of glamor to your space. If you have a smaller room, try using sliding doors as a way to hide clutter in your closet or under the bed. With these wardrobe designs, you can easily add some pizzazz by adding mirrors on the back wall of the wardrobe!

If you’re going for an industrial vibe in your bedroom but don’t want to sacrifice style, try using sliding doors for storage instead of traditional storage units like cabinets or dressers. This will give it an extra edge that will help keep things tidy while still giving off an industrial vibe!

Fitted Wardrobe

If you have a small bedroom and the idea of building an entire walk-in wardrobe is not appealing, then a fitted wardrobe is what you should go for. Fitted wardrobes are made up of panels that fit into the wall. So they don’t take up much space and can be easily installed in any room.

Fitted wardrobes also give you more storage than regular wardrobes. The reason is they come with shelves in them which means that your clothes will be hung on hangers and not folded inside drawers. It makes it easier for them to air out when needed. The shelves mean that you get more room at the top while still being able to store all your clothes neatly away underneath them!

Open wardrobe

Open wardrobes are a good option if you have limited space. One can use them for storing clothes and accessories, but also as a display space for their favorite outfits and accessories. You can even use it as a dressing space by adding mirrors around the open wardrobe to help you choose what to wear!

Built-in wardrobe

If you have the space, consider having one custom-made for your space. It can be customized to fit perfectly into the space available, making it look neat and tidy no matter how much stuff you store inside it.

Built-in wardrobes also tend to be stronger than free-standing ones due to their reduced weight distribution which means they won’t sag over time like some other designs might do if not constructed properly by an experienced carpenter or cabinet maker

Floor to Ceiling Wardrobes

Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are a popular choice for maximizing the space in your bedroom. They also make a great focal point, as they give you plenty of room to store all your clothes and accessories. If you have been struggling with where to place all these things, this is the perfect solution! These types of wardrobes can also help create a sense of drama and luxury within any bedroom design.

You should consider this option if you want something that will give off an elegant look without taking up too much floor space.

Flush wardrobe design

A flush wardrobe design is a modern way to go. If you have a small bedroom and want to make the most of your space, this is the perfect option for you. The design makes it look like there are no doors on the wardrobe, which helps give an illusion of extra space.

It’s also a great way to make a statement in your room without taking up too much room or being overly bulky. And if you live in an older home with smaller rooms, this type of design can really help open up and brighten up some spaces that feel cramped or dark!

This type of design works best when paired with other storage options like shelves or drawers that fit inside the wardrobe as well—this will give even more versatility when organizing all your clothes, so they don’t take over all available surfaces!

Lofted wardrobe designs

They’re also a great way to store clothes, shoes, and accessories.

If you have a lofted wardrobe, make sure your clothes are hung in sections so that it looks neat when you open the doors. If there are too many clothes hanging together it will look messy because there will be a lot of gaps between them and this makes the whole closet look very messy when opened up.

Mirror wardrobe

If you have limited storage space in your bedroom, this is an ideal solution as it can double up as a dressing room or walk-in wardrobe.

If you are using the mirror wardrobe to create a dressing room, ensure that you have ample lighting around it. You can also add other decorative pieces such as scented candles and diffusers which will give off an inviting ambiance while you get ready in the morning.

Final words

Hopefully, these wardrobe designs will give you an idea of what kind of design suits you and your bedroom the best. There are many options available today which makes it easier to choose a style that suits your personality perfectly. It’s important to remember that whatever design or style you choose, it should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing so make sure you take all factors into consideration when making a decision.

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